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Meet Rick Bell

Today Rick dedicates his time and skills to helping others from all around the world. He teaches everyone what he's already learned which is how to become an entrepreneur. He spends his leisure time traveling the United States, either flying to destinations abroad or riding his Harley Davidson. However he is mostly always tied to a laptop learning and gaining even more skills. 

He has always believed that people should be able to live their dreams, not just live a life where they feel stuck and frustrated. And one thing that he has learned which makes this possible is to understand the mind, and to learn to be mentally aware. He became aware of his own limited and negative thoughts back in 2013. And over the years has helped him gain momentum much faster than just mere Iinternet Marketing knowledge or skills. He teaches mental awareness and also has several courses which help those just starting out on their Internet path. 

Great success is very often true for those that have the highest positive mind-set; Believe that anything is possible and it is! These next men listed here also had what is called as positive thinking... Such men as Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Bill Gates and his giant Microsoft, and Bugattie and his 253 mph Veyron. These men had dreams and belief in themselves and then went to work on achieving greatness. We can all experience great successes if we just first believe we can.

Whether it's an opportunity to work from home, live on an island as a recluse, or be a top space explorer, Rick believes in anything being possible. We must dream big and advance each along the way so we can discover our desitiny and move on to much greater successes and results. Many do not believe that one man can make such a difference. But Rick does. And there are many others, who agree with this kind of thinking as well.

Hi, and congratulations on finding this website. My name's Rick Bell and I want to thank you for stopping by. My mission here is to help as many online marketers as I can. That means you. I'm going to help you escape servitude and a boring unsatisfied life style. Starting now!

I'm here today to make a believer out of those around me and empower them to live their dreams. While continuing to dream even bigger! When I'm not on the Internet I'm enjoying a great life with my gal Lynn and our 3 dogs. But mostly I'm here online learning more and helping a friend, a student, or reaching out to others so I can share my vision.

Of course I'm not always here online. Some of the time you will find me riding my Harley, fishing, hiking, camping or occasionally just venturing out to different parts of the world. Vacationing in Alaska is our most recent venture plans. And we look forward to taking two months off the so called Grid! We would love to have you join us if possible!

I want to thank you and also congratulate you for connecting with me and hopefully we can become good friends as well. Remember, the sum of your finacial success is based on the people you hang around the most. Go out and start networking with rich folk and you will also be one of those rich folk in the near future. It works! The best way to connect with me is to subscribe to my email newsletter which is coming soon. 

Rick Bell



Rick Bell


 "To empower others to believe and achieve great things within the short time frame we all have here on earth.  And to share new knowledge and skill-sets that my own life can teach them."


Rick Bell    

Rick Bell | Build YOUR Business and YOUR Wealth -  Live YOUR Lifestyle

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